Hair & Skin Hydra Mist


If you aren't able to put your hair care on your skin and your skin care in your hair, we see a big red flag! Why is this is so unheard of in the beauty industry? Why is it that if we tried that with most profits we would certainly end up with dry skin and greasy hair? Change the way you take care of your hair and skin and envelop your senses in this sweet, warm and hydrating mist that is both nourishing and regenerative. This magical blend includes Shea Butter, Aloe, Rose, Almond Oil and Vitamin E to create lasting hydration, support keratin production and increase the overall health of both the skin and hair. It's the perfect leave-in conditioning hair mist and creates a whole new moisture absorbing experience, when paired with our incredible Body Butter. 100% organic, absolutely no artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens or preservatives. This is a coconut vanilla bean island dream and a must have if you no longer want toxic chemically based skincare that dries out your skin & hair. Each bottle is handmade with love, as if you were a family or friend. We hope you love it!